Discover the Gulf of Mexico’s Bountiful Harvest of Game Fish

Discover the Gulf of Mexico’s Bountiful Harvest of Game Fish

A chartered fishing boat experience is one that is rarely forgotten. Plenty of fishing charters are available, but none like Side Bet. We offer high-end fishing charters that depart from Biloxi, Mississippi, and take you to all the best finishing grounds in the Gulf of Mexico. Our state-of-the-art boats are larger and faster, so you do not waste time on the journey. Before you know it, you will be fishing and enjoying every minute of the thrilling ride.

The Gulf of Mexico offers some of the most plentiful game fish in the United States. We know all the best spots for fishing and we help you make the most of every amazing moment. While some charters focus on competition, Side Bet focuses on fun. Our professional team offers a fun family environment with a high-end fishing experience that cannot be found with other charters in the area. If you’ve never experienced fishing for Gulf of Mexico fish, allow us to introduce you to some of the beauties that may just show up on your line.

Yellow Fin Tuna One of the Most Sought-After Fish

Yellow Fin Tuna is one of the most sought-after fish in the Gulf of Mexico and for good reason. These beauties can grow to a massive 400 pounds or more. One fisherman pulled a 225-pound Yellow Fin Tuna from the Gulf of Mexico in 2017.Yellow Fin Tuna travel in large schools and it is amazing to see them break the water’s surface as they fight over bait. Yellow Fin Tuna can be found in the deeper waters of summer and come closer to shore toward the fall. This fish will certainly challenge your endurance and skill and are one of the most exciting deep sea fish to reel in. When you get one of these on your line, there is no letting go. Some people work for an hour or more to reel a big one in, but the look on their faces when that enormous fish crashes over the deck is priceless. A Yellow Fin Tuna is a fisherman’s dream trophy fish. From live bait fishing to chumming, we take you to the deep waters where Yellow Fin Tuna are in abundance. The average catch is around 40 pounds, but you may just be lucky enough to catch a really big one and bring in the record.

Prime Territory for Red Snapper

If you’ve ever been to a seafood restaurant, you know Red Snapper is always on the menu. One of the reasons Red Snapper is so plentiful in the Gulf of Mexico is they have many areas to hide. They love hiding and will wait for their prey among the deep waters. With all its oil rigs and natural structures, the Gulf of Mexico makes for prime Red Snapper territory. Unlike some charters that settle for the smaller Snappers near the coast, we take you to the deepest waters where the Snappers are much bigger and more aggressive. You will find this fish travels in large schools with other fish of the same size and type.

Red Snappers can grow up to 40 inches long and weigh up to fifty pounds. What surprises people, even more, is these fish can live up to 50 years. Red Snapper takes a lot of work to reel in, but they are worth the effort! This gulf fish is highly regulated,but we will help you plan your charter trip when this fish is can be caught. Now that you can picture yourself pulling in that big majestic Red Snapper, start the process of booking your charter wit Side Bet today.

Dolphinfish Lurk in the Gulf of Mexico’s Depths

Dolphinfish, not to be confused with Flipper, is one of the fish that can be found lurking in the depths of the Gulf of Mexico. You may have heard of this fish as Mahi-Mahi, “Golden One” or Dorado. If you have never eaten Dolphinfish, it has a sweetly intoxicating flavor that is like Swordfish. People like to pull these in for the wide range of colors they offer. Dolphinfish come in plenty of colors like white, aqua blue, purple, and yellow or green. Another reason this fish is a favorite for offshore fishing is the theatrics. When you reel one of these in, they will often put on a jumping show that can be thrilling to watch. Dolphinfish can grow up to 4.6 feet long and weigh as much as 50 pounds when they become adults.One of the best things about fishing for Dolphinfish, is there are no limit regulations because of their limited lifespan and impressive growth rate.Dolphinfish are perfect for sight casting. When you see a line of seagrass, you know there are likely Dolphinfish hanging out in the midst. Our experienced team at Side Bet finds the perfect fishing spots, so the frenzy can begin. Which color will you pull in?

King Mackerel is a Show-Stopper

You may know this fish as the Kingfish. King Mackerel are often sought in competition fishing because they are a challenge and have an iridescent bluish-green coloration. The King Mackerel can grow up to an impressive 35.4 inches and weigh one-hundred pounds. While our charters do not set off with competition in mind, most of our guests find the thrill of reeling in one of these to be exhilarating. This fish is another show-stopper. Once it is hooked, it is not uncommon to see it repeatedly launch high into the air. It often takes a combination of special lures and baits to get one of these hooked. To catch a King Mackerel, you must know the ins and outs of the Gulf of Mexico and where they like to hang out. We see the most King Mackerel activity around the oil rigs and special mounds we know to spot. Side Bet charters offer a thrill no other charter can. Once you overcome a strong predator fish, such as the King Mackerel, you feel like the king or queen of the world.


Wahoo is a fish that will not be easy to conquer. For most fishermen, the easy ones are not the ones we want anyway. Wahoo is incredibly fast and full of power, and they are also tasty. They are closely related to the King Mackerel, so you know what is in store. When you are deep sea fishing, you are looking for the biggest and best. Wahoo certainly meets these criteria and are a prize for Gulf Coast fishermen. To help our charter guests increase their chances of catching a Wahoo, we employ the best artificial lures. The reason artificial lures work so well in catching Wahoo is the speed they offer. Wahoo is a tough fish to catch, but their numbers are surprisingly high off the coast of Mississippi and into the Gulf. You can catch a Wahoo all year, but midsummer is the best time. January and February are also promising months to catch this fish. Wahoo can grow up to 60 inches in length and have been caught weighing as much as 158 pounds. While most people are not going to pull in such massive Wahoo, you can expect to catch plenty around the 35-pound size.

Amberjack Among the ‘Big Ones’

Side Bet Charters is committed to helping you catch the “big ones.” Amberjacks have been known to grow in length up to 6 feet and weigh as much as 180 pounds. If you have ever heard of the “Reef Donkey,” you have heard of the Amberjack. These fish like to hide out on the bottom of the ocean, so they respond best to lures and live bait. We have occasionally seen them come to the surface using chum. The reason the Amberjack has earned the title Reef Donkey is that they pull so hard on the line. It is a thrill to wrangle one of these fish and successfully pull them in. While some fishermen seek these fish out so they can start a big fishing fight, we often find our guests reel them in while we are searching for other fish. When people first see this fish, they are blown away by its unique look. The Greater Amberjack is the biggest and has a stripe that runs from its nose to dorsal fins. The Lesser Amberjack has much bigger eyes, which is one of the ways you can tell the two apart. We help you overcome one of these big catches and reel them in with your haul.

Billfish a Thrilling Predatory Fish

The Billfish is a predatory fish that is thrilling to catch in the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. These Gulf fish can grow in length up to 13 feet and weigh as much as 2,000 pounds. This monster of the sea likes to slash and stab its prey with its long upper beak that is sharp and sword-like. Billfish should be caught and released to protect their numbers and ensure they are around for many years to come. In some areas of the world, it is against the law to take them out of the water, but that does not stop the fun of hooking one! Billfish can be hooked with rigged natural bait, live bait and lures. We love the thrill of catching and releasing these beautiful specimens to protect their numbers. This group of fish is dwindling in numbers due to commercial fishing practices that lead to millions of these fish being netted every year. In addition to catching and releasing, Side Bet also recommends using circle hooks for fishing because they do not cause as much damage to the fish. If you have the privilege of hooking one of these majestic fish, be ready for the ride of your life. We typically find Billfish up to a hundred miles offshore because they prefer the deeper waters. You will be in awe watching the spectacle these fish provide once hooked on a line.

Cobia a Favorite

Cobia is a saltwater fish that is often called Lemonfish or simply Brown Fish. This is a favorite fish to be caught in the Mississippi Gulf Coast region. Many fishermen get a little intimidated when it comes to catching this great fish, simply because of its sheer size. Cobia can grow in length as long as 47 inches and can weigh as much as 135 pounds. Imagine reeling a fish that size and you can see the work it takes. When we take out a Side Bet charter, our captain knows exactly where to look for this sometimes-elusive fish. Just before we reach the target area, we prompt our guests to prepare because bait must go in the water at the instant Cobia are discovered. We will help you catch the Cobia you are looking for with live bait like croakers and eel. We have also had a lot of luck using artificial lures or a combination. Cobia has a clean taste with the white and flaky meat they offer. Cobia season runs from spring to fall, so there is almost always a chance to catch one of these unique fish. The current Mississippi State record for a caught Cobia using traditional fishing tackle is 106 pounds and 13 ounces. Each year, Cobia make their annual spring migration from South Florida and into the Northern Gulf. Large groups will swim along the Florida Keys as they make their way towards the Gulf where they are caught in great numbers each season.

Spotted Sea Trout a Great Catch

We typically refer to this fish as the Speckled Trout in our part of the world and Mississippians love to catch these aggressive fish. They quickly take hold of baits of all types. We have found they will eagerly snap up small shrimp, croakers and mullets. This is not a big game fish, but they are a great catch and fry up a delicious meal. You will find these inshore and around the Barrier Islands like Ship Island, Petit Bois Island and Cat Island. If you want to catch the biggest trout, the best time is the summer months, and we know just where to find them in great numbers.

Sheepshead Are a Challenge to Catch

Sheepshead fish are lovingly referred to as the Convict Fish in the Biloxi area. This fish gets its nickname from its striped appearance that makes it look as if it is wearing convict clothing. These unique fish are certainly a challenge to catch because they are known to be big bait stealers. Just when you think you’ve caught one, your line comes up empty. The Sheepshead can grow up to over 3 feet in length and weigh as much as 21 pounds. This is a structure-hiding fish, so it is fairly easy to find in the Mississippi Gulf of Mexico. This is a fish you are more likely to catch during the fall to early spring. Although they are often sought for their unique appearance, this fish provides a tasty meal.

The Gulf Waters Are Prime for Fishing

Waters in the Gulf of Mexico are full of hundreds of varieties of fish. Most people who go on a charter are looking for the big game fish the Gulf offers, but there are certainly tons of beautiful fish for the taking. In our humble opinion, there is no better fishing than the pristine waters of the Mississippi Gulf of Mexico. Our charters depart from Biloxi MS and take you to the best fishing spots where tropical fish can be found. Our experienced captains know these waters like the back of their hands and will guide you and your group to all the perfect places. We help you reel in those deep water fish you long to hook and offer you tons of fun adventure along the way. Side Bet has invested in the best equipment. Our boats get you to the best destinations much faster than some charters with outdated equipment. We want you to be able to enjoy every single minute of your fishing trip to the Gulf, and we are excited to make each one count. The fish game in the Gulf is rivaled all over the world. We love the open water and are all fishing enthusiasts ourselves. There is no better job on the planet than captaining a boat and introducing fishermen to the open waters of the Mississippi Gulf of Mexico.

Side Bet Offers Charter Lengths for All Needs

Side Bet offers plenty of choices when it comes to the types of charters that are available. Take a look and see which one provide you the type of Gulf of Mexico fishing you are looking for.

  • Six- to Eight-Hour Charter-Our six- to eight-hour charter involves a lot of trolling and bottom fishing for King Mackerel, Cobia, Blacktip Sharks and Stingrays.
  • Nine-Hour Charter – Our nine-hour charter looks for Snapper on the bottom of the ocean. On these charters, we often catch a variety of Snappers, including Red Snapper, Gray Snapper,Vermillion Snapper and Lane Snapper.
  • Ten- to Twelve-Hour Charter – Our 10- to 12-hour charter takes place around the oil rigs where you will find Cobia, Triple Tail, Amberjack, Ladyfish and plenty of other species.

Contact us today to book your charter for the fishing excursion of a lifetime!

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