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Charter Boat Fishing Is a Dream Come True for Fishing Enthusiasts

If you have never been on a chartered fishing boat trip, you are missing the opportunity of a lifetime.There is something amazing about the thrilling speed of the boat and the opportunities to spot nature at its finest. From the Dolphins to the Blue Herons, there is always something to experience in the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Side Bet is committed to providing a luxurious charter fishing trip experience from start to finish.

Benefits of a Chartered Fishing Trip

Leaving from Biloxi, Mississippi, and entering the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico is a fisherman’s dream. These warm waters are teeming with hundreds of varieties of fish like Yellow Fin Tuna, Red Snapper, Billfish, Speckled Trout and more. Following is a look at some of the biggest benefits of chartering.

    • Side Bet offers everything you need from the fishing poles to the bait. The only thing we can think of that you might want to bring is a hat and some sun protection. We provide everything you need to make your charter trips amazing. All we need is you.
    • We know all the best fishing spots, so you do not need to waste time. Looking for Yellow Fin? We know just the place. Want to catch some Red Snapper? We’ve got you covered. It is our business to know where the fish are, so we keep our customers happy. There is a reason repeat customers book charters.
    • One of the biggest benefits of chartering with Side Bet is you get to relax the entire time. There is a lot to consider and even worry about if you take a boat out on your own. Our captain navigates the waters expertly, so you can sit back and have all the fishing fun without the stress and worry. The experience you have on our boats is one you will fondly remember.
    • Many people enjoy our charter fishing excursions because they learn a lot. We are experts in fishing and can teach you some of the pro tips that will make fishing easier and more rewarding.We will teach you about all the fish life in this part of the world and promise to provide a truly entertaining experience.


  • The knowledgeable team at Side Bet works tirelessly to ensure your fishing trip is an amazing one, from start to finish. We want you to have that child-like excitement that comes with hauling that first “big one” in on your line.

No Competition – Only Family Fun

Some Biloxi sport fishing charters are insanely competitive. If this is the kind of fishing experience you like, more power to you. Side Bet maintains a family fun experience for people of all ages. There is certainly nothing wrong with a little fishing competition, but the focus of our fishing charter is fun. We work to ensure your entire experience is an exhilarating one you do not soon forget. We cater to family and friend groups of different sizes.We have been amazed at some of the charter groups we have taken to the Gulf. Seeing everyone working together to help someone pull in a massive catch sometimes gets us glassy-eyed. The
camaraderie between our staff and groups is something we take pride in achieving. Our fast fishing boats get you from Biloxi to the best fishing destinations in record time. The thrill of the boat ride is only the start of the fun that awaits. We do not waste a minute of time, which means you can experience what you came for as quickly as possible.

How to Prepare for Your Side Bet Fishing Trip

Whether you are booking a four-hour charter or the longest 12-hour trip, preparation is important. One of the most important aspects of planning a fishing charter trip is to know what to wear. Consider the following clothing for your comfort and safety:

  • Shorts or long pants should be chosen for your comfort. Most people wear shorts because of the heat, but you can also wear long pants to protect from bug bites.
  • Stay cooler by wearing light-colored clothing to reflect the sun. Dark clothing will absorb the heat, and you will find yourself sweating it out.
  • We recommend wearing fishing gloves to protect yourself from hooks and line cuts.
  • Thick, rubber-soled tennis shoes are best on the boat. Things can get slippery, so you need a good grip.
  • It never hurts to bring a windbreaker because fishing at night or in the morning can sometimes
    lead to a cool spray of the ocean.
  • Weather protection like sunglasses, sun protection lotion, lip balm and bug spray are all
  • Do not forget your camera! There will be tons of photo ops and you do not want to miss a thing.

Experienced Side Bet Team Caters to Your Needs

We offer different fishing trip lengths and types to meet your group’s unique needs. Whether you choose our shortest trip or longest, there is excitement every minute. No matter which charter length you choose, Side Bet guarantees you will have the time of your life. We are all fishing enthusiasts ourselves and have decades of experience under our belts. Come fish aboard Side Bet’s 2019 Yellowfin 39 Center Console boat powered by four 300-horsepower Mercury outboards. The boat is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics from Simrad and has a full complement of safety gear. Side Bet uses the newest Maxel reels and Tsunami tackle available.
Captains Joe Allen and Mark Smith have over 40 years of experience plying the waters of the Gulf of Mexico between Florida and Louisiana as Coast Guard-licenses Masters. They are experts on these waters and know each sweet fishing spot for finding the biggest and best Gulf fish. We get you there faster, so you have more time to experience all the fishing fun. Our high-end trips offer every exhilarating moment you expect.

Book Your Fishing Charter With Side Bet Today

From Marlin to Sharks and every fish in between, our charter fishing boats offer an amazing adventure. Side Bet is committed to your enjoyment and our staff caters to your group’s needs throughout every moment of the trip. We make booking your charter trip easy. If you have questions, we have the answers. We can handle different group sizes. We depart from Biloxi, Mississippi, and head all the way to Venice, Louisiana. This area of the Gulf of Mexico offers some of the best fishing spots in the world. Contact us today with questions about our charter schedules. We are here to accommodate your unique needs and ensure your fishing trip is one that provides you with lasting memories. Book your trip today, and you will not miss a minute of the fun that can be had on one of Side Bet’s charter fishing trips.