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Side Bet Sport Fishing Charters Offers the Experience of a Lifetime

What Is Charter Fishing?

Many novices wonder what is charter fishing? Some of the most incredible fishing opportunities available can be found along the Gulf Coast from Biloxi, Mississippi to Venice, Louisiana. With more than 400 miles of coastline to explore and over 200 species of fish waiting to be reeled in, the possibilities are endless. Of course, to find the biggest fish and the best sweet spots, you need to go out on a boat with someone who knows the ropes.
At Side Bet Sport Fishing Charters of Biloxi, we happen to have both. Our expert team lives to take anglers of all ages and skill levels out on the water. Because we have the most knowledgeable guides and the best gear and boat in the business, we’re fully prepared to give you the deep sea fishing experience of a lifetime.
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Reasons to Book a Fishing Charter With Side Bet

You’ll find any number of companies in Biloxi and along the Gulf Coast that offer chartered fishing trips, but not all of them are created equally. At Side Bet, our team strives to take your fishing trips to a new level, one well above and beyond what the other charter services can deliver.

  • Unbeatable Guides. Captains Joe Allen and Mark Smith have over 40 years of experience plying the waters of the Gulf of Mexico between Florida and Louisiana as Coast Guard-licensed masters. Joe and Mark are talented boaters, skilled guides and providers of expert advice. They know exactly where to find the fish you’re looking for and when they’re biting. They’ll go out of their way to ensure you have the best possible experience.
  • Unrivaled Boat. Side Bet uses a 2019 Yellowfin 39 Center Console powered by four 300-horsepower Mercury outboards. It can get you to your destination faster, leaving more time for fishing. You’ll spend your trip fishing in style and comfort.
  • Top-Notch Equipment. Our boat is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics from Simrad and has a full complement of safety gear. Side bet uses the best Maxel reels and Tsunami tackle available. You don’t have to worry about being equipped for the trip because we take care of all of that for you.
  • Family-Friendly. Every member of the family is welcome when you book a fishing charter with us. Are you wondering what you should bring on a charter fishing trip? We provide all the safety gear you’ll need in the full range of youth and adult sizes and take every precaution to protect our clients. Rest assured you’re in the safest, most skilled hands in the business when you board one of our boats.
  • Charter Options. We offer three types of trips: 1. Bluewater trips for tuna and other pelagics such as Marlin, Wahoo and Mahi depending on the season. Side Bet fishes a lot of the same waters as the Venice, Louisiana, fleet, anywhere from 80 to 120 miles offshore of Biloxi, MS. The tuna trips mainly consist of live baiting and chunking for tuna at the floating oil rigs and underwater salt domes. 2. Bottom fishing trips are available for Red Snapper, Amberjack, Grouper, Cobia and King Mackeral, among other species. 3. Chandeleur Island wading trips for Speckled Trout and Redfish out of the famous Chandeleur Islands. Click on the fishing tab at the top of your screen to learn more about our charters and which fish you might expect to encounter during each one.
  • Side Bet Sport Fishing offers six-hour, 8-hour and 10-14 hour fishing trips with affordable rates for each. Rates are for 1 to 6 people, and not per person.


“I thoroughly enjoy getting away from the game and going out fishing because it’s so relaxing, so quiet and peaceful.”

-Tiger Woods

These are only a few of the reasons so many people are coming to Side Bet for their next Biloxi fishing charters and fishing charters Gulfport MS. Our team, boat and equipment are the best around, and no one is more dedicated to your satisfaction. Check out our boat and use our convenient online booking portal to secure a date and boat for your upcoming trip.

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About Side Bet: Biloxi to
Venice, LA

The sport fishing charter experience offered by Side Bet provides some of the best fishing you can find along the Gulf Coast from Biloxi to Venice, LA.

The professional team at Side Bet specializes in family fun fishing. Because we have the best equipment in the business, we can get you to the fishing point faster. This gives you more time for fishing. You can bet that the thrills you encounter will last a lifetime … or at least until the next time you book with Side Bet.

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Reasons to Book a Biloxi Fishing Charter

side bet boats

From Amberjack to White Trout and numerous species in between, the Gulf of Mexico holds in store ample opportunities for those who venture out for some offshore fishing. Mississippi’s Department of Marine Resources has created several artificial reefs to draw fish closer to the coastline, and deeper waters farther out are teeming with their own assortment of marine life. Whether you and your group are old pros or newcomers to the art of sport fishing, you’re sure to come away with a trophy or dinner. For these reasons and many others, booking a Side Bet fishing charter is the perfect getaway for virtually any occasion.

  • Guys’ Day Out. Sure, there are plenty of things to do on land when you’re taking off with the guys for a day away from the stress of the daily grind. As they say, though, even a bad day on the water is better than a good day at work. Spend a few hours deep sea fishing, and then head out on the town to keep the day going afterward. You can even bring along beer and snacks if you want. Whether you’re looking to step outside the box for a bachelor party or just hear the fish calling you, a fishing charter is the way to go.
  • Girls’ Day Out. For many people, guys are typically the ones who come to mind when thinking about fishing trips. Plenty of women also enjoy angling, though. In fact, ladies account for at least 35 percent of the regular fishing crowd. Why not take an opportunity to leave the kids with dad, gather some of the girls and take off for a day of fishing? Bring along a bottle or two of wine and enjoy a unique blend of peacefulness and excitement.
  • Top-Notch Equipment. Our boat is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics from Simrad and has a full complement of safety gear. Side bet uses the best Maxel reels and Tsunami tackle available. You don’t have to worry about being equipped for the trip because we take care of all of that for you.
  • Father-Son/Daughter Day.What better way to spend a father-son outing than fishing? Taking a charter boat is an entirely different experience than sitting on the bank by the lake or casting out in a privately owned pay pond. Keep in mind, daughters also often enjoy fishing if they’re given the chance to truly experience it. Taking children fishing gets them away from the television and video games and gives them a reason to appreciate nature. It’ll help build confidence and may even instill in them a little more patience. They’ll always remember the time you spent with them, and their smiles when they reel one in will live in your heart and mind for the rest of your life.
  • Family Fun Away From the Crowds and Noise. Fishing trips make a wonderful alternative or addition to the standard family outing options. They give you a chance to spend time together away from the crowds and noise of the city and help strengthen the bonds between everyone involved. Amusement parks and mini-golf courses are a dime a dozen, but fishing charters stand out. Your entire family will make memories to last a lifetime and have plenty of opportunities to gloat over who caught the most or had the biggest catch of the day.
  • Date Day.Those traditional dinner-and-a-movie dates tend to quickly get monotonous and coming up with new ideas isn’t always easy. Booking a fishing charter with the professionals at
    Side Bet provides a little alone time and gives you something to talk about for years to come. It’s also an exciting idea for a double date. You might even get to impress your date with your fishing skills. Of course, your date may surprise you with his or her own aptitude for angling. Either way, it’s a fun, memorable day and something well outside the ordinary.
  • Sport Fishing Charters Come with Bragging Rights.Scheduling a sport fishing charter comes with plenty of bragging rights. Not everyone can say they’ve been there and done that. You’ll get to tell everyone all about the trip during the days leading up to it and boast about your catches and the details surrounding them for weeks afterward. It’s sure to make your friends and co-workers at least a little envious.

As former President Jimmy Carter said: "Many of the most highly publicized events of my presidency are not nearly as memorable or significant in my life as fishing with my daddy."
Whether you’re heading out for a day with friends or taking your son or daughter on his or her first fishing trip, a boat charter offers everything you need to create a memorable experience. It’ll make a positive impression on anyone who’s lucky enough to come along.

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