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What is the “Fertile Fisheries Crescent”?

The northern Gulf of Mexico is a region many people know because of the oil disaster that occurred in April 2010. (1)It ranges from the Suwannee River in the panhandle of Florida to the Sabine River close to the state line between Texas and Louisiana. The northern Gulf of Mexico also typically includes the coastal zone, coastal ocean areas and watersheds in the region.

But the northern Gulf of Mexico isn’t famous just for the oil spill and the effect it had on the local ecosystem.

It is also vital because it is considered one of the most fertile fishing areas in the United States. Three of the top six commercial fishing ports are found in the Gulf, which is one of the reasons this area is often referred to as the “Fertile Fisheries Crescent.”

Northern Gulf of Mexico Offers Diverse Fishing, Harvesting

When the northern Gulf of Mexico is compared to the western or eastern shores of the United States, a feature that stands out are the river systems that empty into the Gulf. This is one reason the area is considered such a fertile fishing area. Among the rivers systems is the Mississippi, which is the largest river in North America.

The areas where rivers flow into the ocean, called estuaries, are the dominant ecosystem here. There are over 16 major estuarine systems, along with several smaller ones in the northern portion of the Gulf. With the presence of estuaries and rivers come wetlands, which are areas usually flooded by tidal or non-tidal waters. The wetlands found in the northern Gulf include mangrove ecosystems, salt marshes, freshwater swamps and bottomland hardwood forests.

The submerged coastal habitats in this area include oyster reefs and seagrass meadows. All ofthese habitats support several animals and plants, which make this part of the Gulf an extremely diverse location for fishing and harvesting.

Several Species of Fish in Biloxi Area

The thought of offshore and deep seafishing out of Biloxi, MS, is exciting to many avid and novice fishermen. One of the main reasons for this are the hundreds of bays, cuts, shorelines, drains and islands in this area. The Biloxi Marsh is considered one of the most complex and beautiful areas to fish in this entire region.

The Biloxi Marsh is full of several species of fish, including tripletail, speckled trout, black drum, redfish, sheepshead, flounder, jack crevalle, white trout, pompano, and mackerel.

But before leaving on a fishing adventure, it’s essential to have a bit of know-how and a game plan. The best way to develop this game plan is by hiring an experienced fishing charter service like Side Bet Sport Fishing Charters of Biloxi.

Biloxi Fishing Calendar

Anglers in Biloxi have access to a wide range of fishing experiences, from freshwater to saltwater, from fishing for food to trophy angling to the fast action of bedding bluegill to the challenge of fishing for the largest catfish.

For those who want to make sure they are in the middle of the action throughout the year, here are the top places to visit each month.

  • In January, it’s a saltwater fishing mixed bag at most of the Biloxi fishing piers. Along with having a rig for the vertical structure of the piers, having a bottom rig is also helpful because most of the fish that taste good will eat shrimp.
  • Largemouth bass is a popular option in February. It’s during this time the bass are moving into shallower waters and feeding more often as the water gets warmer. It’s best to work search baits that cover the water to catch these fish.
  • During March, lake anglers can take a page from the saltwater anglers’ playbook to use a jig under a popping cork to catch the active white bass. This time of the year, sheepshead is moving offshore to spawn so that they can be found around bridges and the mouths of the bays earlier in the month.
  • The shellcrackers are a popular fishing option in April, as these usually feed, live, and spawn deeper than other bream. If it’s still early in the season, make sure to avoid fishing in water that is too shallow.
  • May is the perfect time to fish for bluegill.
  • In June, sound sharks are a popular focus for fishermen.
  • July is when most try for largemouth bass in the area.
  • In August, it’s Mississippi River catfish season.
  • As the weather gets colder, the fishing options change with crappie moving in during September, followed by spotted bass in October, largemouth bass in November and redfish in December.

Top Fishing Opportunities out of Biloxi

You can see that some of the most incredible fishing opportunities available can be found along the Gulf Coast from Biloxi to Venice, Louisiana. To find the biggest fish and the best sweet spots, you need to go out on a boat with someone who knows the ropes.

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