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Life is seen from a different perspective when you are out on the water. Ocean views are so breathtaking it’s hard not to let the worries of the world drift away and simply enjoy being out on the water. When you are on the water on a Side Bet chartered fishing boat leaving from Biloxi, Mississippi, the experience gets even better because you are likely on your way to catching a trophy fish. Going on a charter boat fishing excursion will allow you an opportunity to spend quality time with those in your party, and have a memorable bonding experience.

Advantages to Booking With Side Bet

One of the biggest advantages to booking a fishing trip with Side Bet is the speed with which its high-end 2019 Yellowfin 39 Center Console will get you to your fishing destinations. The Yellowfin is powered by four 300-horsepower Mercury outboards. Less time traveling to the fishing spots means more time for some actual fishing.The boat is equipped with state-of-the art electronics from Simrad and has a full complement of safety gear. Side Bet uses the best Maxel reels and Tsunami tackle that are available.

Depending on the length of your charter, you will be going after a few different species of fish.

There are longer charter boat fishing options, and the most sought prizes on these excursions would be the Red Snapper and Blacktip Shark. Snapper is one of the most delicate and delicious types of fish to eat, which is why this tour is popular.

The grand prize, however, when heading out on a fishing charter is the Yellowfin Tuna. This fish, also known as Ahi, is prized for the quality of the meat. This is a fast-swimming and aggressive fish that always puts up a monster fight. The average size of yellow fin in the Gulf of Mexico area is around 45 pounds, but much larger fish are caught on a regular basis. The Biloxi area is one of the best places to go out and catch these fish because it is ideally located between Florida and Louisiana.

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Side Bet Offers Best Boat and Gear

Getting to the best fishing spots and having time to catch fish are what Side Bet wants for you when you book a trip. Two ways to help achieve these goals are having a boat that can travel great distances at high speed, and the proper gear to locate fish, lure them and get them into the boat. Side Bet’s boat is a top-of-the-line vessel that travels fast and allows customers to get to fishing spots that are many miles offshore.

The gear used to catch fish on a chartered boat is similar to small-water fishing, but everything needs to be able to handle the bigger water, and the bigger fish. High-quality rods, reels and line are all used to ensure the fishing experience is a great one. The boats also employ GPS systems that allow the captains to pinpoint locations that have been successful in the past, and to ensure navigation to and from fishing spots is seamless.

Some of the Items You Need to Bring

The majority of what you will need on a Side Bet chartered fishing boat will be provided for you. There are some items that are good to have along just to make the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Sunscreen is a must because you will be out in the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico sunshine for the duration of the trip. Having some extra on hand to reapply is also a good idea. Going out on the ocean in any boat can cause some motion sickness. If you are prone to that, it is a good idea to take some medication beforehand and have some along for the trip.

You might not give much thought to the clothing you want to wear on the trip, but that is another essential element.

A comfortable wide-brimmed hat will help to keep the sun off your face, and protect you from the wind. A lightweight long sleeve shirt is also helpful to protect from the sun and wind while out on the ocean. A final item that will complete the trip is to make sure you have a quality camera to capture all the memorable moments. The camera on your phone could be enough, but bringing a higher quality one is also recommended.

You also need to bring any food or drink for the trip. Unfortunately, we can’t provide any. Please remember to bring plenty of fluids especially on the hot summer days we get in the Gulf!

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Side Bet Professionals Know
the Best Time to go Fishing

The answer to the question about what time to head out really depends on what your goal is for your fishing excursion. If you are looking to catch and keep fish, it is a good idea to find out which fish are in season throughout the year. The season for keeping certain fish can be short depending on the species. If your goal is to simply catch fish and release them, that can be done throughout the year. On the Gulf Coast, the summer months tend to be the best time to fish. Memorial Day through Labor Day are the most popular times to go.

If You’re Looking for Charter Boats Near Me, Contact Side Bet today

Deep sea fishing can seem like an overwhelming or daunting task. Going offshore to catch fish is an entirely different experience from fishing smaller bodies of water inland. That’s why you should hire a sport fishing charter like Side Bet of Biloxi MS to charter your next fishing excursion. The boats will get you to your destination in as timely a manner as possible. This will give you more time to fish, and more time to fish means more fish are going to be caught. Side Bet also has the most up to date electronics and GPS equipment to help locate the fish and stay on top of them throughout the day. Side Bet will ensure that your deep sea fishing trip is one of the most memorable events of your life!